Who is Wendy Rose:

I am a 54 year old hands-on body-worker and life coach, living in Grimsby, Ontario. After working as a nurse in Belgium for ten years, I retrained to become a natural health therapist and meditation teacher. The natural health training included herbology, nutrition, archetypal psychology, massage, shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy, fascia therapy, deep organ massage and bone regeneration therapy.

Beside that I trained for over 20 years as a meditation practitioner and became a meditation teacher and relax yoga teacher, mainly based on Taoist principles which most people know as related to acupuncture and tai chi. 
Over the 25 years of practice all these methods evolved into a unique approach that helps people with tensions and blockages in their body and/or relationships.


The goal is that you can have a healthy and balanced relationship with yourself and the world.     

How does it work? 

A session usually starts with a conversation but it's not necessary if you feel uncomfortable.

You are invited to lie on your back on the massage table and I cover you with a comfortable blanket. I just ask you to wear comfortable clothing, and not to wear hard fabrics like jeans or wool clothes.

I most often work from your belly as the center, to find any tensions or problems in the rest of your body. This work happens on top of your clothes. I use gentle movements, although sometimes I go deeper in the organs  or tissues to help the body release tensions. Overall the treatment is more relaxing than uncomfortable.  


Is it for you?

This type of therapy has been successful for people with stress related problems, chronic physical pain and emotional issues like depressions, emotional  imbalance, sleep disorders and sexual dysfunction.


“Wendy guides people to their inner depths, primarily by taking time and going at the pace of the person. This quiet, modest, simple guidance is touching the person deeply, but in a very safe way.”   ~ Marie Rose  

I have a practice in both Belgium and Canada. 

Fee: $70 / hour

If your budget is tight contact me and we can work something out.

Money should never be a reason for not seeking help for your problems. 

© 2019 by Wendy Rose Scheers

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