Wendy Rose Scheers

The Art of Change

Meditation & Relax Yoga & Tao Teacher,

Bodyworker, Therapist

with 25 years of experience

lives in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada


Classes & Private Sessions

Due to Covid-19 I will not work in-person at this time
Private Sessions
Grimsby, Ontario

As a bodyworker I combine different techniques, like fascia, cranio-sacral, organ massage & deep energy work to release stress and pains. There is time and a safe space to share your problems. Both body and emotions need to be listened to and worked with, so your life can move forward again.

1 hour session

70 C$

1,5 hour or 2 hour sessions are also an option

About Meditation:
There are many different types of meditation. The empty mind is the most sought after but not possible for everyone and surely not right away.
My meditations are not an escape from the world but an exploration into our inner universe. The more we learn about this inner universe the better we are able to understand our reactions in the mundane world. We become more centered, because we learn where to go inside ourselves. We become more peaceful because the emotions that create so much conflict with ourselves and others are better understood. We become more loving because we learn to heal ourselves.
I teach you a path of inner healing through meditation. 

Wendy Rose Scheers

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Grimsby, Ontario, Canada



"My therapy and my teaching is very Earth connected. Our bodies are individualized reflections of this majestic planet. Each one of us is part of her body, and each breath we take is thanks to her atmosphere. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we will understand her intelligence and her spirit. The Earth is our Mother, our Sister and is in every way part of who we are. Respecting her is respecting ourselves. The deeper we dive into her and our body, the more she shares her forces with us, and the stronger and the more centered we become."
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